When to get your car checked (signs of engine damage)

on 07-16-2017 in Blog

Anyone who owns a car would always worry about hearing the words “Your car engine needs to be repaired.” Because any vehicle owner knows that an engine repair also means having to spend big money. Of course, we aren’t all mechanics or all car knowledgeable about every knit and grit, but that is what we are going to help you with; identify the little things you can look out for to know when to get your checked before it reaches up to the point that you have to bring out the big bucks.

What exactly should you watch out for?



A sign that you might first notice when something is wrong with your car is you would hear either a banging or knocking sound which sounds like its coming from the hood when your car is running. When you start hearing the knocking sound, it just means that your engine is already wearing out; they are already clanking around. This happens when you reach a high mileage or low oil levels in the engine. This would just require a small or partial repair of your engine.


If you start to see an unusual release of exhaust smoke coming out, this is a sign of many car problems. Each problem can be determined by the color of the smoke. The basic colors are black, bluish black and cloudy white. Black color could mean that there is too much gasoline being used/burnt. While a Blue color smoke indicates that there may be a leak of oil happening within the engine. And the cloudy white smoke is a coolant leak. In general, whenever there is too much smoke coming out, it is already a sign to get it checked.


When you start noticing that there has been a change in performance of your car, especially when it comes to power, it is a sign that trouble is ahead. When we talk about change in performance, you will notice it in simple things such as a lagging time to warm up the car, irregular feel when idle, and speeding up seems harder.


Sometimes when you’re in your car and you smell something odorous, it isn’t because you stepped on poop and it rubbed off inside your car; it is actually the car’s emissions which are something that you shouldn’t be able to smell when inside your car. This smell may seem like something simple but this smell is actually an indicator that there is something going on in the engine that needs to be checked out.


Engine leaks can be concluded if you see oil puddles under the vehicle. Oil depletion results in additional friction to your engine which then would generate too much heat. When oil leaks happen, especially continuously, damage to the engine may happen.


Just basic human sicknesses, you should also know the symptoms of when it’s time to bring your car to the car clinic.  

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