Vehicle Safety 101: Basic Must Knows

on 07-11-2017 in Blog

Safety is always something that should be taken into consideration whenever, whatever and wherever you go. Especially for driving, there are many dangers that can happen without the proper knowledge of at least the basics to keep you safe. You can never call yourself a great driver if you are not knowledgeable and if you do not follow the fundamentals of safety basics on the road. Never forget the basics. So if you’re a driver starting out, read the essentials to start your driving life right. If you’ve been driving for years now and started to forget about the basics, then it’s time to refresh your memory on vehicle safety.


  1. Remember That Indicators Exist (and use them)

This is the common mistake of all time FOR ALL DRIVERS. Newbies and oldies alike make this mistake so many times. Many neglect this practice but by using your indicators, you are not only limiting the possible accidents that might happen but you are also lessening the chances of you getting into any road fights. Indicators are placed in cars so that it averts from any mishaps from happening.



I cannot emphasize this enough. Please, please wear your seatbelt. It doesn’t matter if you can drive like a speed racer or dirt track driver; seatbelts exist to give you that extra protection just in case unexpected things happen to you while you drive. That simple strap can literally make you or break you. A little buckling up may just be the reason why you are saved if an accident does occur.


  1. Stay Within Your Lane

With how the Metro Manila traffic works, it is to be expected that there will be drivers out there who are quite reckless. And in order to limit the chances of getting into an accident, try not to cut people off on the road. If possible, just limit doing so.


  1. Eyes On The Road

Don’t ever get distracted when you are driving. Keep your eyes peeled and vigilant at all times. (Exception for when there is really bad traffic) But most often than not, if the road is clear or semi-clear, a good driver should always be aware of his surroundings. A lot of fatalities around the world happen because of distracted drivers. Paying attention can just save your life.


  1. Follow The Speed Limit

Going over the speed limit does not make look like a bad *ss cool kid, it just makes you more prone to accidents. Speed limits exist for a reason, and that is to prevent any driver going overboard or losing control. Remember that you aren’t the only driver on the road, if those around you aren’t good drivers, other drivers might follow your example as you speed up and end up hitting you or someone else.


Remember that there is nothing uncool about keeping yourself safe. And if you really want to be called a good driver, don’t just rely solely on your driving skills, there are other factors that you should remember and do which makes a good driver.


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