Top destinations for your next roadtrip

on 07-22-2017 in Blog

Going on a road trip is definitely a different but great way to travel especially here in the Philippines. Whether it may be with your friends, family, coworkers, loved one, etc., riding in one car for how many hours brings out a certain closeness between you all. There are so many places that your car can bring you here in the Philippines. So on your next long weekend or vacation time, try to ditch the plane trips of some place else, and enjoy the beauty of the Philippines in the comfort of your own car.



This place will never get too old for a road trip. There are many restaurants and cafés found here that you will never find it difficult to find a good place to eat and chill. And at the same time, the view here is just spectacular, the mountains, the hills, the lake, etc. Plus it is just a two-hour drive from Metro Manila.

Tip: Stargazing is nice here. Maybe you’d want to spend the night at Tagaytay.



Looking for a beach type of road trip? Zambales is a good place for you. Three-hour drive from Metro Manila can bring you to this wonderful place that has tons of beaches, coves, resorts, and casinos are just some of the jewels of Zambales. If you plan to overnight but not wanting to spend much, then just bring a tent. There are a lot of spots where you can pitch a tent here and it is completely SAFE.



Or maybe you want something that quite historical and vintage looking? Vigan might be quite a drive but it sure is worth it. With the old hispanic towns, incredibly unique food, and monumentous architecture, Vigan offers a delightful experience for any road tripper out there.



Be one with nature in Legazpi city, Albay. Definitely a scenic place that any nature lover would enjoy. There are many places you can visit, such as the Albay Park and Wildlife, Cagsawa Ruins, Vera Falls, Danao Lake, and so much more. Another long drive but if you wish to be far away form the city, then Legazpi city is a good choice.



Where do broken hearts go?” TO SAGADA!!! Kidding aside, Sagada is on our list because it a great alternative for the typical baguio trip to just cool off. There are many activities offered here, so it is sure that you won’t be bored during your trip. You can go trekking, rappelling, spelunking, eating (yes, there are good food here!), and also sight seeing in general. Your twelve-hour drive would be forgotten once you arrive here. (trust me)



Another place to go to if you are a nature lover. Just an eight to nine hour drive, most of the activities here in Banaue in Ifugao involve sightseeing and trekking. Because there are many tribal groups living in the area, there are still some food here that is native to the place, you might want to try them out. 

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