The road trip checklist for your car

on 07-16-2017 in Blog

Road trips are the common way of travelling by most people these days. Packing your things and going to new places; getting around with just your car as the only mode of transportation. Some even attempt to live in their car as they travel. Whether or not you plan to just take road trip for the weekend or for months and months, there are basic things that you should check on your car to see if you are good to go. These things will help limit the instances you might experience problems on the road. Here is a checklist you should have for your car before going on your next road trip.


  • Check All Your Tires

Although, you are bound to reach gas stations or pass by mechanical shops when you travel, you can never be too complacent. So, better check if they’re inflated properly, too much or too little can cause many complications later on.

  • Bring An Extra Tire

This is very advisable for those who plan to go on mountain trips or rocky road places. The last thing you would want is to be stuck in a middle of nowhere with a flat tire and in a worst case scenario, no signal.

  • Cut Down On Unnecessary Things

Heavier things = More gas. By checking what things you have inside your car, things you will bring, you can already create a divide between what needs to be brought and what doesn’t. This lessens the weight inside the car and the same time less junk means less things to fix later on.

  • Inspect Your Batteries

The weather of the Philippines is not really friendly to cars in most days. And if the heat gets to your battery, you’d have a lot of problems during the trip. Make sure that you check your battery so that it’ll runs smoothly.

  • Check The Air Filter

Air filters that are clogged will lower fuel performance. So in order to really be efficient, you must get your air filters checked. It isn’t pricey to do so. BUT, it is okay if your air filter is slightly dirty, these small sediments can trap smaller debris that may pass into the air filter.

  • Have An Emergency Car Kit Ready

Medication kit isn’t the only kit you should have when you travel. In case of any sticky situations, a road trip kit will really be of use to you. You can include gloves, tire pumps, cable charger, small oil gallon, water, etc.

  • Fill It Up!

Try to fill up your gas tank before you leave this would be good especially if you are hoping to reach your destination in a short amount of time, this would limit your stops and at the same time, it would lessen your worries of losing gas if ever you do drive to somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


These are the basic things you need to check if you are planning to go on a road trip.

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